Cat care

Daily routine:
Every cat has a chart to record their eating, health and litter tray behaviour so that we can pick up any health concerns.

Each cat is fed to their own personal requirement and are given clean food and water bowls daily.

Litter trays are changed every morning and cleaned regularly throughout the day, we offer a range of litters to keep everyone happy.

Chalets are cleaned on a daily basis.

Afternoon feeding starts from 4.30 pm, dry food and water are regularly refilled throughout the day.

All cats are visited throughout the day when we play, fuss, groom or just sit in with them offering company. We offer a large selection of toys and use catnip to keep cats busy and stimulated. Feliway sprays and plug ins are available for the more anxious cat if required. Our last visit is 8.00-9.00pm when we check everyone has water, food, clean litter a final fuss and a few treats too!

We offer single, double and triple heated chalets, each chalet has an internal heated bedroom with a cat flap which leads by into a secluded external run equipped with scratch towers, tunnels, litter tray and toys too. Your cat will have the reassurance of not seeing their neighbours, helping to alleviate stress.

Only cats from the same family can share a chalet.

We provide beds, but please feel free to bring your cats own bedding if you prefer.

We are happy to care for cats who need a little extra looking after and are happy to administer medication including injections.

Your cat will be fed twice a day, but we are happy to feed more regularly if required.  We offer a wide range of top brand wet and dry foods and we cater for all ages.  We offer a limited range of Prescription foods including Diabetic and Renal.

All cats must be annually vaccinated against flu and enteritis and need to bring their record card each time they board. Please ensure your cat has been treated prior to their stay for fleas and worms.